Duration: 3 Months

Eligibility: B.sc/ B.Tech/ and above

React likewise known as React.js or ReactJS is a JavaScript library. It is used for building reusable UI components because the data changes over time. Update your practical knowledge of React Javascript through our carefully curated internship.

We are confident that we can have an effective impact on your learning and training experience. The candidate will get a live project internship and can deal with topics related to  React JS syntax, React components and React integration. With constant practice, you gradually improve your skills in app performance. In the end, you are fully equipped with a simpler programming model and as a better-performing employee. Join us and find out the Javascript opportunities while interning with Wycorp. 


  1. React JS Syntax
  2. React Components-State, Props, Flux etc.
  3. React Integration-JSX, Data Flow, Structure, 
  4. React JQuery
  5. React & AJAX and more