Duration: 3 Months

Eligibility: B.sc/ B.Tech/ and above

Angular is an entirely beneficial platform and framework of typescript based on an open-source web application framework. It is led by the Angular Team at Google and an organization of people and various communities. It is also typically known as Angular 2+ or Angular v2. 

Wycorp is counted as the most trusted and affordable internship for Angular. You will learn how to deliver a complete and functioning front-end application. We assist you to ensure the high performance of said application across all platforms, including desktop and mobile and staying in close communication with external web services. At the end of the Angular internship, you are well eligible in understanding the core of JavaScript, in-depth knowledge of the angular framework, excellent command of TypeScript, and much more. We are not saying that the exam results and degree is not important but with our internships, we are emphasizing the significance of the requirement of pertinent work experience to be placed in a well-esteemed company.