Duration: 80Hrs

Eligibility: Any Degree 


SAP Business One

Business One is an innovative business management software designed for small or medium-sized businesses. It is accessible and simple to use and all in one stop for a business management solution. They deal with accounting, sales, inventory, and operations to assist your business and are proven with immense success around the world.

SAP Business One Overview

Business One helps you to have firm control over business or subsidiary. Your growth is obvious along with the small or medium-sized enterprise. You need to get out of traditional small accountancy software as your business grows, SAP Business one helps you to achieve that particular task of development. You will learn how to run and maintain ERP software cost-effectively, to address department needs with a solitary solution, and to strengthen your career growth with a keen objective. We train you to become consultants to manage and implement various modules in SAP Business One. We help you with sufficient tools on steps needed for decision making and helps you with the analysis behind a decision to choose the appropriate package and adopt an ERP system. With SAP Business training at Wycorp SAP training institute Kerala, the learners find themselves equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead an organization taking up adequate analysis roles to implement a system.