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Modern Problems in web development, Big Data handling

          All we know is that the web plays a major role in day-to-day life. The World Wide Web is like an ocean. We access so many things knowingly and unknowingly, have you ever thought Facebook would develop only a website after they launch the mobile app.. nowadays Facebook has brought all the major social platforms. They rule the web a certain amount. Not only Facebook, Google, all major IT/Software Companies like this. World changes also new things enter in all Technologies emerging in various sectors like Financial accounting, Health, Food and Beverages, etc. Past few years ago handling multiple companies and employees was cumbersome to do, but SAP software makes those easy.


         Developing a website is very easy nowadays, a proficient/full-stack web developer can make a website in a few hours. only demand the domain name and web hosting.  New Technologies make the service better, major programming languages in web development is PHP, Node, ASP.Net, Java those are backend technologies PHP is known as low cost and powerful backend programming language, in Kerala, there are so many companies that make the web services low and reliable and affordable price. So many Institutions also teach programming courses in a professional way, few of them provide internships for developing new programmers, which make them feel professional writing the code, to solve the problem which is the modern problems.  

Modern Problems?

         Yes, Human beings develop day by day also knowingly/ unknowingly develop their problems.It's endless.. Here I'm paying attention to your mind and thoughts about most modern problems we face with big data handling, we can't handle multi-million data in a sec. you see we are all connected worldwide.. how is it possible.. our data is stored in different locations, it will be used and manipulated each sec. Can you imagine our data can make hackers millions? But our data is secure in data centers. I hope so.


How do companies handle big data?

          That is big data science. There are so many tools to handle big data. We can study those tools in Kerala,Wycorp with internships. Not only those technologies you can study the most technologies in Wycorp, Highly experienced developers have hands-on experience in it. They manage and maintain the Mobile App, Web App, Backend support. Have you heard of Kibana? Hadoop? DOCKER? pure data science ..? Let's talk.. those are the technologies we use to handle big data.!! A high-traffic website can generate big data, simultaneously store user data and serve the service that it offers.

Highly maintained server and web app developers can make those possible or it could not happen. Do you want more about the development? Let's talk ..!