Enterprise Resourse Planning (ERP)

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software platform that can gather, organize and plan business data through the integrated software suite. Enterprise Resource Planning software automates the business functions like Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase and finance management, and more. ERP software is also called Centralised software. There are numerous ERP software providing companies in the world, some examples are SAP, ORACLE, INTUIT, MICROSOFT, and so on. Amongst all of them, SAP is the most used one. SAP made their ERP software more secure and robust, but is also expensive and complex and also needs lengthy implementation time and as well as demands highly trained staff. Wycorp provides the best ERP implementation training. SAP also rolls out updated versions more frequently.

How to get the best ERP Training?

So, getting better training in ERP helps you to capture a better career for yourself, because in today's market every business uses ERP software to manage their transactions. So that mastering ERP skills will help you to achieve heights in your life because ERP consultants are paid very handsomely. It is a really good career choice these days. Wycorp is the best. Always choose the best  ERP training institute in Kerala as a training partner to build your career path.

How do ERP works?

An ERP software work by using a defined and standard data structure. If an employee from a department entered any information then it is immediately available to other authorized users across the business, so that it is real-time. The structure of the software helps the business massively for its operation and to find any room for expansion.

ERP Training at Wycorp

Wycorp is the best ERP training institute in Kerala. ERP vendors are providing ERP software for Multi-National Companies (MNC) as well as Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs), So that one with excellent ERP skills will be able to grab a well-paid job in any of the MNC or SME category of companies. ERP platforms only grow in the future with more advanced modern-day technologies. There are several software training programs right now in the market. If you decide to capture a career in ERP then you have to choose the right training program regarding the training efficiency, training syllabus, and valuable certification, and so on. So learn ERP from wycorp to capture a bright career. SAP is the leader in the ERP market. To learn SAP courses you can join Wycorp, Wycorp is the best option for  SAP Professional Software Training Kerala.

What is SAP and how does it work

Origin of SAP

 SAP is precisely a German multinational software corporation founded 49 years ago in the year 1972. The software corporation is based in Walldorf, Baden Wurttemberg. The main purpose of the company was to launch and develop enterprise software to manage business operations as well as important customer relations. The respective founders were Dietmar Hopp, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner, Klaus Tschira, and Claus Wellenreuther.

 What is SAP?


Let us answer your question on what is SAP, SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Product in Data Processing. SAP is the name of the company as well as the name of the ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning). SAP software is developed by SAP, which is a European multinational software corporation in the year 1972 by Wellenreuther, Hopp, Hector, Plattner, and Tschira.

SAP is number one in the ERP market. It enables its customers to run their business processes smoothly. It comprises accounting, sales, production, human resources, and finance that too in an integrated environment. SAP completely ensures the easy and smooth information flow between different SAP components. It further implements financial processes and legal controls.

 Uses of SAP

 SAP software organizes the business management duties in modules that all work concurrently in one system by sharing information. It facilitates consistent practice across an entire division. There is not at all a scope for duplicate data and so it automates Project Monitoring and Multi-dimensional and flexible reporting. It helps in the standardization of the business process. Another crucial advantage of SAP is that it enables us in making planning, scheduling, tracking, and managing easier leaving more time for you to perform value-added work. No one can deny its major role in the ability to provide clear-cut job roles with authorizations. It also assists us in enabling integration with E-commerce. Last but not least, it helps in cost savings on overheads such as stationery, file storage, etc.



Advantages of SAP

Below given are some undeniable advantages of SAP software. They are tailored for every business, are a resourceful technology, and are precisely flexible and secure.

  •  Tailored for every business

 SAP software is ultimately well suited for any business. There are small to mid-size companies that rely on SAP. It delivers all solutions for your big or small enterprise. It provides you with cloud-based ERP solutions and tools to fit your needs irrespective of the number of employees you have, or whether your organization is established or not established or in the growing phase. So you can fully rely on SAP 24/7 support teams.

  • Implements innovative technology

SAP is up to date with all the latest developments, ensuring that the company is equipped with the right technologies for the future. SAP has over 40 years of ERP experience. According to SAP, it provides us" Future proof ERO technologies that will fuel the next generation of business". SAP's advanced capabilities will help the company improve performance and productivity by automating routine activities and reducing paperwork. It saves you valuable time, money, and crucial resources.

  •  Highly flexible and secure

Every company today is searching for ways to be more versatile. SAP offers the organization the freedom to "customize processes, use the public or private cloud, or pay only for what you need." Also, having a team of experts by your side that is always looking ahead is crucial when it comes to keeping your company secure. SAP protects your company from hackers by ensuring the protection of your data. Also, SAP is built in such a way that to minimize the number of threats the company faces every day and they use the most advanced infrastructure in the world for security.

 How does SAP work?

Now let us explain simply to you how SAP works. Firstly, we get a request from the presentation tier. The request can be online or anything else. It can also be related to a batch job. Secondly, the given request is evaluated by the respective dispatcher of the SAP central instance. Thirdly, the respective dispatcher authorizes the arrived request to the message process. Then, the message process determines whether or not this request should be handled on this instance or forwarded to another. If the request stays in the same instance, it is allocated to one of the necessary work processes. Further, the request is processed by the work process. The SAP system will commit an update to the database through the en queue server if necessary. Finally, the feedback about the outcome request is provided back to the originator of the request in a reversed order.


What are some SAP skills?

SAP is the future of business. SAP skills are beneficial to every person working for a business that uses enterprise resource planning software. Don't ignore the fact that this skill is most desired by employers in highly refined companies. So developing such skills can get you into certain companies because being the best ERP software in the market is highly crucial to understanding and being able to apply to varied job fields.  Learn ERP from the best ERP Training Institute Wycorp.


  • Incredible Reporting

Enhancing SAP skills help you on understanding and implementing reports that can provide data that you and your respective manager or another important department might need.

  • Accounting

Another crucial skill is accounting, it helps us to comprehend accounting modules within the SAP software. It is extremely profitable to anyone working in an accounting department in any business. SAP FICO Training Institute Kerala provides you with a benefit in a finance or accounting job.

  • Recruiting

Understand and learn recruiting modules from SAP software. It encourages you to help HR professionals better management of applicants and potential employees.

  •  Management

SAP deals with varied management modules. It includes customer management, project management, warehouse management, transportation management, and inventory management. This skill is very important to learn and understand as it helps in getting you selected among outstanding employers and companies.

  • Communication

What do we need to run a company smoothly? Last but not least communication makes up among the refined set of  SAP skills. Communication helps a person to effectively communicate between the departments. So being a great communicator you are top among the applicants at any job, they appreciate your great understanding of communication among different departments.


Learn SAP with Wycorp

 SAP is the largest provider of enterprise application software in the world. SAP is smart, an integrated software system that can support you with anything you need to run a smart company. They are known as the king of business apps because of their innovative technology, processes, and applications. It encompasses all facets of company management.

Wycorp - SAP Training Institute Kerala was founded to inspire students to begin their careers by studying SAP. We assist you in weaving and dressing up your goals to become a licensed SAP professional. We have a huge influence on both beginners and advanced learners. Join us right now to start working on your dream job.